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Online bookings platform

At Niche Axe, we know the challenge of working for yourself. As an entrepreneur, you wear many different hats. You work in the business. You work on the business. And you divide your time between sales, marketing, customer service, invoicing, collecting payments and… oh yes, doing the work that gets you paid.

We also know the temptation to spend a small fortune with a local web designer believing the more you spend on a website, the more money you will make in return. That’s simply not true.

In fact, there are a few things you need to consider before you start a website for your consulting, coaching or training business.

Niche Axe founder, Danny Hile, has invested decades studying the sales and marketing secrets of successful entrepreneurs. One day, Danny was sitting under an apple tree when it struck him… oh wait, that was Newton!

Danny helped plan and execute several successful marketing campaigns for clients, however, he found doing the same in his own business was a significant challenge. 

Solopreneurs wear many hats

As a solopreneur, coach, consultant or trainer you wear many hats. People always tell you to “work on your business”, rather than in it. But how do you find the time to work on your business when you barely have time to do your consulting or training work?

Danny found his biggest frustrations as a solopreneur were:

  • Attracting the right types of clients to the business
  • Having a steady pipeline of leads for a constant flow of work
  • Constant calls, texts and interruptions that delay projects
  • Wasting time on repetitive, mundane, but essential tasks
  • Chasing payments from clients, sometimes for months on end
  • AND unreliable or inconsistent cash flow from month to month


Does any of this sound familiar?

Perhaps it does because these are common pains experienced by solopreneurs and micro-business owners. That’s why we created an online bookings platform to help people in the consulting, coaching or online training space.

Meet George Jetson

Meet George Jetson (not a real guy but can totally be Googled). Before the era of flying taxis and escalators in the home, George was just a regular guy who was loving life with his wife Jane. At work, he took bookings by phone, shuffled meetings around clients’ last-minute requests, put up with “no shows”, had to chase clients who were slow to pay and literally had to stand out on his street corner wearing a sandwich board to attract new clients. But he knew there had to be a better way.

Enter Niche Axe’s consulting and online bookings platform.

Niche Axe's Consulting and Online Bookings Platform

Whatever happened to George?

Remember George? George started his own consulting and online bookings platform and solved a lot of problems. He saved money on a secretary, which Jane was happy about. Now, when George gets to the office, he already has client meetings organised and new sales revenue hits his bank account before the day starts. Meanwhile, when prospects visit George’s website, they love that they can provide some basic details and access downloads to solve their problems. When George picks up the phone to call these new prospects, they’re happy to hear from him because they already see him as a problem solver. 

Benefits of Niche Axe's Online Bookings Platform

Total cost of using other solutions might be as much as $17,420 per year.

$ 0
Estimate of what you could save with Niche Axe's Online Bookings system

What would you do if you had $16,232 extra in your bank account? $16k buys a lot of staples, advertising, fancy office furniture, new pot plants or makes a great little Christmas bonus for the owner. If you wanted, you could have a lavish holiday with overpriced meals and room service every day… then you could just waste the rest! (Okay, that was a joke. Do something sensible with your money). 

Launch your own consulting and online booking platforms with Niche Axe to help you attract and convert leads, accept bookings, automate routine processes and get things done in the digital age.

Million-Dollar Micro-Business

According to author Elaine Pofeldt automation is one of the secrets used by founders of Million Dollar one Person Businesses to grow to 7 figures.

Let that sink in for a minute. Over $1 million in revenue with zero permanent employees. Now those tools are within reach of everyday solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, like you.

Limited number of packages available

Niche Axe have a strictly limited number of these packages available because we want to provide a high level of service to our valuable clients. At this stage we are releasing a limited number of consulting and online booking platforms, so if you want one of them reserved for your business, you need to act now.

Bronze plans include…

Connect your own domain name
Clients can book you for free online
Connect Google or Outlook calendar

Everything in Bronze PLUS…

Clients can book and pay you online
Sell digital products through your shop
Connect to Zoom or Google Meet

Everything in Silver PLUS…

Advanced SEO plugin